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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Choosing Raw Materials For Cosmetic Containers
Aug 23, 2020

1. The tightness and water vapor permeability of the bottle body and cap. Tightness and water vapor permeability are two important technical indicators of cosmetic containers, and they have an important impact on the stability of the packaged product.

2. Regardless of what raw material is selected, the cosmetic container must first meet the requirements of non-toxicity and non-odor. Due to the wide variety of main raw materials available, it is necessary to select the comprehensive properties of the raw materials. Generally, high-density poly Ethylene, polypropylene, polyester bottles (PET bottles) can be used if transparency is required, brown PET bottles should be used if higher barrier performance, light blocking, and opacity are required. Liquid cosmetics generally use polypropylene bottles or polyester bottles. The main raw material. At present, domestic nutrition and health products and food packaging bottles are mainly made of PET or HPDE, and bottle caps are made of PP.

3. Product quality standards for cosmetic containers. The product quality can be analyzed and judged from the product quality standards of the manufacturer.

When selecting cosmetic container raw materials, attention should be paid to the nature of the material and the packaged cosmetics, and whether the two will react, interpenetrate, dissolve, and adsorb, which will affect the composition of the cosmetics.

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