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What Is The Production Process Of Cosmetic Composite Hose?
Feb 11, 2020

The cosmetic composite hose is usually made of paper composite material. The most common is to print the reverse image pattern on the transparent polyethylene film, and then composite the white paper and the inner protective layer on both sides of the aluminum foil. Finally, the polyethylene film with the printed pattern is combined with the white paper to make the cosmetic hose six layer composite material: PE film / PE (adhesive) / white paper / PE (adhesive) / Al / PE (inner). This kind of composite hose is characterized by high substrate whiteness (more than 90%), bright and beautiful logo contrast, paper substrate also has the function of increasing material strength, easy processing, high rate of authentic products, but there are also difficulties in sealing the bottom of the tube, cracking of the layer easily separated by the paper layer, poor feel of the tube body, complex composite process, change of color mark position in reverse image printing, which affects photoelectric automatic cutting The defect of poor forming quality of tube and injection head. However, with the rapid development of hose composite materials, the use of processed long fiber paper, synthetic paper, white polyethylene and other materials, the above shortcomings are constantly solved and improved, so that the application field of composite hose continues to expand.

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