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What Is The Meaning Of The Black Strip On The Cosmetic Tube
Feb 11, 2020

The black strip on the back of the cosmetic indicates that the raw material of the cosmetic is pure chemical.

Different colors represent different meanings:

1. The green strip indicates that it is natural;

2. Blue bars, indicating that there are natural drugs added;

3. Red stripe, indicating semi natural and semi chemical;

4. The black strip indicates pure chemistry.

In addition, the small strip is used for the positioning sense of the tail sealing machine. The positioning and identification of the product in the process of tail sealing, commonly used are red, blue, green and black, etc. The electric eye positioning function is very common in the printing of hose packaging, which is used for the positioning sense application of the tail sealing machine after the completion of the production and when the hose is automatically filled.

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