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What Are The Main Points Of Quality Inspection Of Cosmetic Packaging Materials Hoses?Ellimi Tells You!
Jun 20, 2020

Nowadays, the quality of cosmetic packaging has become the second life of cosmetic products, and brands have paid more and more attention to packaging quality.

Plastic hoses are widely used in cosmetic cream products and beauty salons because of their light weight, easy to carry, strong and durable, recyclable, good resilience, easy to squeeze and process, easy to print, and good adaptability. Aluminum-plastic composite hoses, all-plastic composite hoses, and plastic co-extruded hoses are most commonly used.

So, how do people judge the quality of this packaging material hose that directly contacts the contents and skin to meet people's health and hygiene needs and meet people's expectations? How to judge what kind of packaging material hose supplier can meet people's requirements?

1. Stability

For the stability of services, suppliers must first dare to take responsibility. Guangzhou Lixin Plastic Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Lixin, English name LISSON) has been committed to providing long-term stable high-quality products and intimate services, so that customers have no worries. .

For the stability of the product, brand purchasing personnel may know that when printing large color blocks on the hose, the color block adhesion is poor and the color block ink drops. Lixin specifically made steps to strengthen the product stability in response to these phenomena. In the production of large color block products, the workshop will be required to perform the adhesion test after adjusting the machine, and the formal production will not be completed until the test is passed.

2. Hygienic

      The raw material particles of the plastic hose must comply with relevant laws and regulations, such as FDA and SGS certification, and the production process and environment must also ensure the hygienic and safety characteristics of cosmetics.

3. Protective

Good protection is the most basic requirement for packaging materials. It should have sufficient mechanical strength, a certain degree of barrier, chemical resistance, weather resistance, and also the sealing of plastic products, protected from damage during transportation. Measures, etc.

The so-called sufficient mechanical strength, that is, the product hose packaging can have compressive resistance, impact resistance, and bending strength. For plastic hoses, good resilience is also required to ensure that it can return to its original shape after being squeezed. ; The chemical resistance is shown in oil resistance, grease resistance and acid resistance; weather resistance is shown in temperature resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to environmental stress cracking, etc.-these characteristics are the basis of Lixin hose, which is almost 99.9% do the best!

4. Identity

Products approved by the market must maintain the identity of rapid reading, which is also conducive to after-sale recycling and disposal.

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