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Use Tricks To Make Hose Cosmetics Clean
Dec 19, 2019

We often use tube-packed cosmetics in our lives, such as facial cleansers, hand creams, toothpaste and so on. At the end, I tried my best to squeeze it, and I always felt a little unclean. Let ’s see how I can do it easily to ensure that you can use it cleanly in the future

1. Take an exhausted hose cosmetic and push it up with your fingers from the bottom, so that the cosmetics in the hose are stacked on the top

2. Use scissors to cut from the middle of the hose. Pinch the hose to see if there is still a lot of residue.

3. Pinch off the cut off half of the hose and wipe it with a napkin to become a hat.

4. Put on a cap on the hose with residue, it will be used for a few more days, and the makeup in the hose will not dry out and will not be polluted.

Is my coup simple enough to save you money over time?

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