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The History Of Cosmetic Hose
Jul 18, 2020

We use more in our daily life, and everyone has seen hoses. Various hoses have their own characteristics, such as plastic hoses, which are light in weight, corrosion resistant, and easy to install. Plastic hoses are not likely to be damaged during use, and they are often used for water transportation. Medical hoses are more professional and hygienic. They not only have good attributes, but also have requirements for their working environment. Medical hose manufacturers are generally used in medical equipment. The hose market in China is relatively large, but due to the influx of foreign businesses into the Chinese market At that time, Chinese companies are facing tremendous pressure.

Therefore, in recent years, the development of plastic hoses has been very rapid, and many companies will use plastic hoses to replace metal pipes. Because the price is relatively favorable, there will not be much difference in the effect in practical applications.

In the past ten years, in addition to plastic hoses, the total growth rate of pipes for other materials has been less than 2%, but the growth rate of plastic hoses alone has reached 7%. After years of development, its growth rate has stabilized at about 4%, but the output value is still growing rapidly at a rate of 7% per year. From such data, plastic hose manufacturers know how much its development potential is.

Plastic hoses have appeared since the 1970s, and they have been widely used in engineering construction in the 1980s.

In the past two decades, my country's plastic hose industry has made great progress. It has made great progress in product specifications, product performance, and product quality. Especially in the current affluent life, with the participation of a large number of beauty ladies, the demand for cosmetics has greatly increased, which has rapidly promoted the development and production of cosmetic hoses. The current cosmetic hoses have made a lot of breakthroughs in security and practicability. For women, the popularity of cosmetic hoses has brought them huge benefits.

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