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Performance And Recent Changes In Cosmetic Tubes
Aug 09, 2019

Cosmetic tubes are a part of the end of the production process, and how to maximize this packaging? It is a question that every one of us is thinking about and a direction of exploration!

Recently, according to our continuous observation, the prices of raw materials: steel, metal, paper, plastic bottles, etc. have risen, which is not a good thing for our manufacturers, and will have a great impact on our overall operation. Therefore, we need to constantly pay attention to the dynamics of the market and strive to find a breakthrough point to break such a dilemma;

The performance of the cosmetic tube: the most important thing is the resistance to cold and heat. At the same time, various changes in the weather bring great difficulties to the molding of plastic bottles; he and the glass bottles are in the same direction, light weight And environmental protection; we look forward to their future development;

In the cosmetic tube, the acrylic material is always the last welcome. He is comparable to the appearance of glass, more textured, resistant to falling, and easy to transport. The price is also with the glass cosmetic bottle. It is such an advantage that makes acrylic very popular.

40mm round plastic cosmetic soft tubes (1)

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