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Customized On Demand Will Become The Future Production Direction Of Cosmetic Tubes
Aug 15, 2019

Many well-known cosmetic companies have proposed a personalized custom cosmetics tube business, which indirectly promotes the customization of cosmetic tube packaging. Especially for cosmetics is a plastic bottle, personalization will be inevitable.

To realize the personalized production of plastic packaging bottles, this is obviously not an easy task for plastic bottle manufacturers who are accustomed to the production line and large-scale production. First of all, this requires improvements in the production equipment for plastic bottles. From the blow molding machine to the mold, the current equipment is suitable for large-scale production. In order to realize the customized production of personalized plastic packaging bottles, it is obvious that the transformation of the equipment occupies a large part, and only the follow-up of the equipment can be realized. 

The cost control of personalized plastic bottles can also be truly market-oriented. Secondly, the customization of plastic packaging bottles requires manufacturers to improve their personnel training and design. It puts forward higher requirements for the manufacturer's plastic packaging design ability, and can present the products they require according to the needs of customers. Finally, personalized custom plastic bottles also need to be changed in terms of sales. Need to listen more to the user's needs, in the user's interaction to achieve the sale of plastic packaging bottles.

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