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《Cosmetics Bottle》 Empty Bottle Is Recycled, Be Careful
May 23, 2020

As a professional manufacturer of cosmetic bottles, our products include lipstick tubes, gel tubes, and all kinds of skin care bottles. Today, Xiaobian is going to talk about the situation that there are many empty bottles of recycled cosmetics in the market, which are just used to make some fake brands. We should be alert and try to avoid this situation. The details are as follows:

"Cosmetics bottle" empty bottle is recycled, be careful

After using skin care products, what will you do with the rest of the empty bottles? Most people will lose them, some will stay for collection, but some will choose to sell them online, not only quickly, but also at a good price. "What are these empty bottles of sold skin care products used for?" have you ever thought about this question? The answer is "put on fake products and sell them to you"

When people buy skin care products, they are confronted with genuine bottles of cosmetics. Ms. an, who lives in a community near the intersection of Dengta road and Yongming Road, loves beauty very much and consumes a lot of skin care products. So Ms. an prefers to buy online. "When I buy things often, I think I've made eye-catching efforts to judge whether it's genuine or not, and the most important trick is to look at the bottle body." Ms. an said. Not long ago, online shopping bought a bottle of a brand of lotion, the price of the counter was 860 yuan, and the purchase price was only 490 yuan. "I've done my homework and I can get it at a discount abroad." After receiving the goods, Ms. an carefully compared the bottle body and other key marks, and confirmed that they were true, so she received the goods and used them. But a few days later, Ms. an felt something was wrong and began to have allergic symptoms on her face.

"This has never happened to the genuine products in the counter before." So Ms. an contacted the seller, but the seller did not return the goods for the reason of Kaifeng. Later, Ms. an took the product to the counter. The counter staff said that the bottle was true, but the skin care products inside were fake. Empty bottle recycling can be seen everywhere on the Internet. The counter staff told Ms. an that such a situation is not uncommon. There are special people on the Internet who recycle old bottles in order to use real bottles to make fake ones. In this way, the appearance of the filled skin care products is the same as the real products, but the contents are very different, so it is difficult for consumers to determine the truth. Once Kaifeng is opened, the seller refuses to return the goods on the ground that it has been opened.

There are also many apps that sell idle goods on the Internet. The reporter downloaded an app dedicated to selling idle products, and searched for the key word "empty bottle". On the website, a variety of empty bottles of skin care products and cosmetics jumped out. The price was determined according to the price of genuine skin care products. For example, the price of genuine skin care products ranges from 200 yuan to 300 yuan, and the price of empty bottles can be about 10 yuan, while the price of expensive skin care products can be up to 50 yuan. The reporter contacted Ms. Li, a seller of empty bottles in our city. Ms. Li said: "last time I sold an empty bottle of my own eye cream online, a small bottle cost 50 yuan. I'm just selling bottles. I don't know whether the buyer will collect them or repack them. "

After a large margin of fake purchase, the reporter put several empty bottles on the app, that is, empty cosmetic bottles for sale. Within a day, someone came to ask about the price and said that a large number of empty bottles of genuine skin care products could be purchased. The reporter asked him what he did with the empty bottle, and the other side replied with "what you know". Ms. Ren, who has many years of experience in purchasing on behalf of others, said that when the business of purchasing on behalf of others becomes bigger, some "sales agents" will come to their door and say that they can provide goods and make several times more profits when entering their goods. The imitation products as like as two peas are almost identical to the genuine ones, but the price is only about 1/2 of the genuine products. "As for the small ticket or something, it's even more obvious that a printer can handle it, even the POS sheet can be forged, and no trace can be seen at all." Ren said.

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