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Cosmetic Packaging Hose, Aluminum Or Plastic
Jun 20, 2020

Since the 1990s, hose packaging has been widely used in various fields, including food, chemicals, cosmetics, etc., especially in the cosmetics field, and its application has gradually improved in recent years. The hose is widely used in color cosmetics in addition to daily cleaning and care due to its characteristics of being light and easy to carry, easy to squeeze and use, beautiful and easy to design, reasonable cost, and environmentally friendly.

Hose material

According to the material, the hose can be divided into aluminum-plastic composite hose, all-plastic composite hose, plastic co-extruded hose, all-aluminum tube, paper-plastic hose, PVC hose, silicone hose, etc.


Type of hose


There are many types, but the main two types used in the cosmetics industry are aluminum-plastic composite hoses and plastic co-extruded hoses

Aluminum-plastic composite hose

It is made of aluminum foil and plastic film through a co-extrusion composite process, and then processed into a tubular packaging container by a professional tube machine. Its typical structure is PE/PE+EAA/AL/PE+EAA/PE.


Variety of printing, good barrier.

Plastic co-extruded hose

Using co-extrusion technology to co-extrude different properties and types of raw materials together, forming at a time. Divided into single-layer extruded hose and multi-layer co-extruded hose.


Better resilience, high softness, and better hand feel.

Hose technology

No matter what kind of hose, the "ditch" can not be squeezed out, but the tube is squeezed.

Hose production process

From the hose forming (pulling tube, injection head)-hose printing (printing, glazing, drying)-hose processing (bronzing, locking, sealing), the shiny and bright hose is Appeared.

Hose surface treatment

It can be made into colored tubes, transparent tubes, colored or transparent frosted, pearlescent tubes, and there are UV, matt, and bright light. Matte is elegant but easy to dirty, and bright light is smooth.

Special introduction of hose

Five layers, you have three layers more than two layers~

The composition of the five-layer tube

The composition of the five-layer tube is polyethylene/bonding resin/EVOH/bonding resin/polyethylene, that is, there is one more barrier layer + two adhesive layers than the two-layer tube, and the other two-layer and two-layer tubes The material is the same, it is PE.

Application of five-layer tube

When to use two layers and when to use five layers?

If the contents of the package are particularly sensitive to oxygen (such as whitening sunscreen products) or the odor is volatile, it is recommended to use a five-layer extrusion type hose.

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