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Common Features Of Various Facial Cleanser Hoses (cosmetic Hoses) Packaging
Jul 18, 2020

Common features of various facial cleanser hoses (cosmetic hoses) packaging

All kinds of facial cleansers are basically packaged in plastic hoses, the diameter of which ranges from 30mm to 60mm; the capacity is between 80g and 300g; the hose material has multiple varieties such as single layer, double layer, and multiple layers; it is divided into transparent tubes, White tube, color tube, round tube, elliptical hose, etc.; equipped with round head, flat head, pointed head, flip cap, metal cap and other caps. The lid is generally at the bottom of the package (easy to use).

Facial cleanser has a high degree of segmentation, and it can be said to be the most cleansing product, especially for foreign brands. This is obviously that consumers are no longer satisfied with a single cleaning function and have begun to have more requirements for products. According to statistics, facial cleansers with a single cleansing function account for only about one-third of the market share, while whitening facial cleansers account for 35%. Other functions of facial cleansers include moisturizing, moisturizing, degreasing, cooling, and anti-aging. , Acne, freckles, etc., and more. At the same time, major brands have launched facial cleanser series sets. A series of products of a brand often adopt a design style, and at the same time, there are slight differences in shape, size, or partial color and text, giving people a sense of visual unity, and then while the degree of product refinement is continuously improved Let consumers not feel a little messy, but will make consumers think that they are the perfect combination and the best match when they first see this series of products.

The most eye-catching front of the facial cleanser is its brand logo, followed by a brief description of facial cleanser functions within ten words. If it is a series product, there will be a series name. The back includes the usage method, product formula, product efficacy, net content, shelf life, certificate of conformity, production number, barcode, etc.

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