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Small Size New Style Wholeseal Empty Lotion Tubes

Dia16mm small size wholeseal empty lotion tubes

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Aluminum Barrier Laminate (ABL) Tubes

This is the packaging most commonly used for toothpaste throughout the world. ABL Tubes combines an economic solution with high quality printing options in a proven protective collapsible tube. ABL can be used to make packaging tubes to hold aggressive products including liniment creams, essential oils, antiseptics and adhesives. Our ABL tubes also are available with the Tamper Evident Safety Seal(TESS) that protects the orifice of the tube from exposure prior to consumer use. A Tube Advantage ABL Tube is a proven protective packaging solution. Contact Tube Advantage for more information.

Laminated tubes intended for
Cosmetics industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Food industry
Chemical & Technical products

Technical characteristics of ABL tubes

  • ABL – film with aluminum barrier layer is a combination of (outside to inside direction)

  • Polyethylene two layer, co-polymer, AL foil, co-polymer, polyethylene two layer

  • Coloured printing up to eight colours plus varnish

  • Glossy and matte finish

  • Hot or cold stamping – gold, silver, colour

  • Tamper Evident Safety Seal (TESS)

  • ABL can be white, grey or with holographic effect

  • Tubes are packed wrapped in PE bag in Top Cap Carton

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